Landrich 2.0


The most efficient and profitable track harvester on the market

Designed and built by A. Landry Fabrication Ltd, the LANDRICH is the first purpose built track harvester optimized for the cut-to-length method of mechanized logging. With the integration of state of the art design, engineering and new capabilities, the LANDRICH has set a new standard in efficiency and performance.

Combined with a customer focused support and technical team and a strong distribution network serving the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario, the LANDRICH is a reliable and intelligent choice for any loggers.

Take advantage of the best fuel economy and productivity available on the market and visit your closest dealer locations for more information. You will definitively be impressed.




Founder and fabrication crew visit new machine in the forest

Armand Landry founder of A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. and AL Fabrication...

Landrich Scales-Up and Improves Operations

The addition of a new manufacturing and assembly line for a...

Celebrating the First Landrich Track Harvester Produced at the New Landrich Production Facility

On July 27, 2022 the first Landrich to be manufactured and assembled at...

Congratulations to the NBCC (Miramichi) on their new Landrich 2.0 track harvester

Congratulations to the NBCC (Miramichi) on their new Landrich 2.0 track...

B.A. FRASER LUMBER LTD on the New Landrich 2.0

Congratulations B.A. FRASER LUMBER LTD on the New Landrich 2.0, this is...

New Landrich Building

The team at A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. is happy to announce that the big...


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Landrich Fabrication Building
1, Rue Admiral St.
Eel River Crossing, N.B.
E8E 2L7

TEL: 506-826-9818