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Dream harvester

Armand Landry’s dream of producing a purpose-built tracked harvester has come true with the development and production of the Landrich harvester—and four of these very efficient and productive harvesters are now at work in New Brunswick and Quebec. By George Fullerton http://www.forestnet.com/LSJissues/april_may_11/Dream%20harvester.pdf    ...
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New Landrich Harvester

A brand new harvester from A. Landry Fabrication in Balmoral, N.B. received a lot of attention at the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show (AHES) in Moncton. It was the first time the new machine, which is labeled the Landrich LR-HV, has been shows in public. http://canadianforestindustries.ca/app/newsletter/view_article/291,1,1,,1.html...
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