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Model : LR-HV

  • 1st to market purpose-built track harvester
  • Best in class fuel economy
  • Superior productivity
  • Spacious cab with unmatched visibility
  • Designed for reliability
  • Strong dealer network with large inventory of parts
  • Engineered, Designed, and Built by forestry experts


  • Three independent circuits : head, crane and tracks
  • Priority based electronic horsepower management
  • Large displacement pumps for low engine revolutions
Electronics (Ponsse Opti5):
  • Optimization of productivity and operator specific settings
  • Automated accumulation of small trees
  • Harmonized controls of harvesting head with machine
  • Low load factor on components for increased life
  • Unmatched access for maintenance
  • Optimized boom configuration : fast and robust


  • Length: 189 in(4800 mm)
  • Width: 126 in (3200 mm)
  • Transport height (max): 144 ½“ (3672 mm)
  • Model: Mercedes-Benz OM906LA, Tier III
  • Power: 275 HP (205kW)
  • Torque: 811 lbs-ft (1100Nm) / 1200-1500 RPM
  • Fuel Tank: 145 USG (550 L)
  Electrical System
  • Power: 2 x 80A alternators @ 24VDC
  • Lights: max. 30 x 70W
  Hydraulic System Load-sensing system controlled by the PONSSE OptiControl system and Rexroth RC controller. Off-line filtering and cooling circuit running at constant flow
  • Harvest head pump: A11VLO 190cc with EP coil HP control
  • Crane pump: Idem
  • Traction pump: Idem
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 84.5 USG (320 L)
  • Ground clearance: 28 in. (711 mm)
  • Chain pitch: 8 in. (D6H)
  • Final drives: Lohman GFT 80
  Cabin Air –conditioned cabin that complies with all the required safety standards.  Gauge-free technology. Crane
  • Model: HC-210
  • Turning angle: 360 deg (continuous rotation)
  • Reach: 10m
  Harvester Head
  • Model: PONSSE H7
  Standard Equipment
  • Clam-shell enclosure opening at back
  • Swing-out panel for access to batteries / pumps
  • PONSSE OptiControl system
  Optional Equipment Plenty of optional equipment available in addition to the comprehensive LANDRICH standard equipment.  Consult your nearest retailer for more information.   The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes and improvement without notice.